The Conscious Parent

An enlightening approach on how to grow as a person through parenting. Dr. Shefali Tsabary shares her approach on the foundation of one’s parenting: how to be present, how to engage and how to build a relationship with your child. She emphasizes seeing parenting and childhood “as is”, vs what we want it to be.

This book will forever change how I interact with my kids. It’s a great warning against using a child’s performance to make a parent feel better about themselves. I want to strive to accept them as is. …

A new experiment for me last year was to read five books at the same time. I discovered this idea through Shane Parrish.

AS I’ve been building SparkPath technology, I read five books on startups. When I finished a chapter, I moved on to read a chapter in the next book, and so on and so forth.

While reading, I wrote the most important quotes and lessons I needed at the time. I kept these in a journal.

The benefit one this approach was that I was able to distill the business lessons and advice I needed the most, instead…

I’m on vacation this week, and I am making an effort to make the most of it. This includes a commitment to checking email only once per day.

During vacations, entrepreneurs create special reasons why they shouldn’t disconnect. For example, they can be prone to believing that they are ‘too important’ to their company and that they must be present for things to function properly.

In reality for me, checking email is just another excuse not to be in the present moment. …

My hunt for incredible/transformational books this year changed the way I see book reviews. I’ve come to realize that it is difficult to write a book review for others, since their enjoyment of a book is highly dependent on personalized factors.

A book that is incredible/transformational for one person can be boring and a waste of time for another.

For example, if I am at a place in my life where I need to hear profound, spiritual messages, certain types of books will resonate more with me. …

I met my goal of reading 20 books in 2017. Please find them below, along with links, highlights and recommendations.

Next year, my goal is to read 5 incredible books. This will change my approach and force me to 1) exclusively hunt for incredible books and 2) stop reading books which are not incredible (this is hard for me!).

· Meatball Sundae: Is Your Marketing Out of Sync? — A different media reality requires a different media approach. A definition of the new marketing and how to change to take advantage of it.

· The Hitchiker’s Guide to Galaxy

A friendly heads-up before reading: This was difficult to write and could be difficult to read. Everyone mourns differently. Thank you for respecting our way to mourn.

(Even though I make use of the word ‘we’ several times, this post was written from my perspective, which may not reflect Isabelle’s unique perspective and experience.)

After four months of pregnancy, Isabelle and I found out that our little baby girl had Turner Syndrome. This genetic abnormality often causes severe heart and circulation issues, which result in cyst-like cavities containing fluid.

We found out the gender when we received this diagnosis: Turner…

Books I read in 2016.

This year I took the time to write a review on GoodReads for the books I read (You can click on the book title to read my review). Instead of sharing full reviews on this post, I thought I would share a highlight/takeaway from each book.

I learned about Farnam Street this year, which has impacted the way I read. Shane Parrish’s ideas have pushed me to become a more critical and purposeful reader. He has also given me permission to feed my reading habit.

I hope you find this list interesting and perhaps find something you would like to…

Better late than never! Since I’m posting this about 6 months late, I realize that my discipline to put together book reviews may not match my reading pace.

Regardless, I wanted to take the time to reflect on what I read last year and make this yearly post a tradition (see my post from 2014 here).

Malcolm X — A Life of Reinvention — by Manning Marable

Malcolm X is known for his work as an advocate for the rights of African Americans who died for a greater cause. In popular culture, he is recognized as a symbol of resistance…

I set a goal to read more last year and decided to post short summaries to keep myself accountable.

Lessons learned: I rediscovered how much I love to read/learn, I tend to read books in spurts (1–2 weeks), or I struggle through them slowly (5–7 weeks) and I tend to read more in the colder months.

Please find some brief notes about the books I read (and didn’t read) in the following imperfect categories: Purpose/Business, Business/Sales, Spirituality/Mindfulness, Other and Unfinished.

Goals for next year: Read more books in French, less business books, more politics and history, and a few more…

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Founder @mySparkPath and creator of the Challenge Cards, an innovative way to prepare youth for the future of work.

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